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Providence Extended Care in Anchorage, AK

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Providence Extended Care is a medium-sized nursing home facility in Anchorage, Alaska ( Anchorage county ). They have 96 beds and 94 residents. Providence Extended Care participates in Medicare and Medicaid and are classified as a Non profit - Church related ownership. They offer residential councils. They are not located inside of a hospital. They do not belong to a continuing care community.

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They are located at the following address: 920 Compassion Circle, 99504 in Anchorage Alaska. Looking for directions or wish to see the surrounding area? Follow this link: Maps and Directions. They can be reached at (907) 212-0259. We suggest reaching out to ask about any additional senior and nursing care services they offer, pricing, and visiting hours.

Name: Providence Extended Care
ID Number: 025036
State: AK
Zip Code: 99504
Phone Number: (907) 212-0259
Sprinklers: Yes
Health Care Participation: Medicare and Medicaid
Type of Ownership: Non profit - Church related
Is it inside a hospital?: No
Resident and/or Family Councils: Resident
Is it a Special Focus facility?: No
Is it part of a Continuing Care Facility?: No

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General Information Icon Staff Size

Providence Extended Care provides an average of 1.82 registered nurse hours, 1.01 Licensed practical nurse / LVN hours, and 4.09 CNA hours per day per resident.
Licensed nursing hours average 2.83 hours per day per resident.

Ratings Icon Medicare and Medicaid Ratings

Overall Rating: 3 stars 3 star overall rating

Health Inspection Rating: 2 stars 2 star health inspection rating

Staff Rating: 5 stars 5 star nurse staffing rating

Quality Measures Rating: 2 stars 2 star quality measures rating

Registered Nurses Rating: 5 stars 5 star rn staff rating

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* Ratings are out of 5 with 5 being the best and 1 being the worst.

Ratings Icon Ratings Comparison
Seniors in a Group Circle

Providence Extended Care in ANCHORAGE, Alaska has 96 beds compared to a Alaska average of 38.50 and a National average of 106.41.

As of the last update they had 94 residents compared to a AK average of 34.66 and a National average of 88.66.

This results in a 97.92% occupancy rate compared to a Alaska average of 90.03% and a national average of 81.98%.

Providence Extended Care's star ratings compare as follows:

  1. Overall Rating: 3 stars compared to a AK average of 3.44 and a National average of 3.04.
  2. Health Inspection Rating: 2 stars compared to a AK average of 2.66 and a National average of 2.81.
  3. Nurses Rating: 5 stars compared to a AK average of 4.44 and a National average of 3.00.
  4. Quality Measures Rating: 2 stars compared to a AK average of 2.66 and a National average of 3.16.
  5. RN Only Rating: 5 stars compared to a AK average of and a National average of 2.96.

Averaging the available ratings gives an aggregate star rating of 3.4 for PROVIDENCE EXTENDED CARE versus the AK average of 2.64 and a national average of 2.99.

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Inspection Magnifying Glass Icon Visual / Graphical Comparisons for Providence Extended Care
Number of Residents:
PROVIDENCE EXTENDED CARE 94 vs. AK 34.66 vs. National 88.66
Number of Beds:
PROVIDENCE EXTENDED CARE 96 vs. AK 38.50 vs. National 106.41
Aggregate Ratings Comparison:
PROVIDENCE EXTENDED CARE 3.4 vs. AK 2.64 vs. National 2.99
Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) Overall Rating:
PROVIDENCE EXTENDED CARE 3 vs. AK 3.44 vs. National 3.04

Question Mark Icon Ownership, Operational, and Management for Providence Extended Care
Organization Role
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Anchorage, AK 99519
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