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Alaska Nursing Home Top Lists

There are a total of 624 residents living in 18 nursing homes and assisted living facilities in the state of Alaska.
Below you will find the top lists for average star rating, number of hours of staffing per resident a day, total resident populations, and cities with the most nursing homes and assisted living facilities for the state.

Cities with the most Nursing Homes

Anchorage (3)
Ketchikan (1)
Homer (1)
Fairbanks (1)
Bethel (1)
Juneau (1)
Wrangell (1)
Sitka (1)
Soldotna (1)
Cordova (1)

Most Staffing Hours Per Resident Per Day

Providence Transitional Care Center (9.7 hours)
Petersburg Medical Center Ltc (8.56 hours)
Providence Valdez Medical Center (8.24 hours)
South Peninsula Hospital Ltc (8.04 hours)
Utuqqanaat Inaat (7.14 hours)
Providence Extended Care (6.92 hours)
Providence Kodiak Island Med Ltc (6.73 hours)
Cordova Community Med Ltc (6.68 hours)
Wrangell Medical Center Ltc (6.65 hours)
Yukon Kuskokwim Elder's Home (6.62 hours)

Highest Resident Population

Prestige Care & Rehab Center Of Anchorage (96 residents)
Providence Extended Care (94 residents)
Denali Center (77 residents)
Wildflower Court (57 residents)
Heritage Place (54 residents)
Providence Transitional Care Center (38 residents)
Providence Seward Med & Care Center Ltc (31 residents)
South Peninsula Hospital Ltc (28 residents)
Ketchikan Med Ctr New Horizons Transitional Care (20 residents)
Utuqqanaat Inaat (18 residents)

Highest Aggregate Star Ratings

Heritage Place (5 stars)
South Peninsula Hospital Ltc (4.8 stars)
Petersburg Medical Center Ltc (4.6 stars)
Denali Center (4.2 stars)
Providence Kodiak Island Med Ltc (4.2 stars)
Providence Valdez Medical Center (4 stars)
Quyanna Care Center (3.8 stars)
Wildflower Court (3.8 stars)
Wrangell Medical Center Ltc (3.6 stars)
Providence Transitional Care Center (3.4 stars)