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Pointe Coupee Healthcare in New Roads, LA

Pointe Coupee Healthcare is a medium-sized nursing home facility in New Roads, Louisiana (Pointe Coupee county). The Nursing Home Site profile for Pointe Coupee Healthcare includes: Pricing, Resident Health and Wellness, Ratings, Activities, Comparisons, Directions, Surveys, and CMS Reviews.

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They have 120 beds and 115 residents (which would leave 5 beds available). Pointe Coupee Healthcare participates in Medicare and Medicaid and are classified as a For profit - Corporation ownership. They offer residential councils. They are not located inside a hospital. They do not belong to a continuing care community.

Pointe Coupee Healthcare received an overall rating from CMS of 5 stars compared to the LA average of 2.78 and a National average of 3.31. Ratings from residents, family members, and visitors to our site are available below. We encourage you to leave one of your own if you are familiar with their services. We also recommend giving them a call to address any additional senior and nursing care questions you may have after reviewing their Nursing Home Site profile.

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Nursing Home:
Pointe Coupee Healthcare
Business Name:
Pointe Coupee Healthcare Llc
Street Address:
New Roads
Zip Code:
CMS Rating:
5 star overall rating
Medicare and Medicaid
For profit - Corporation
In a Hospital:
Residential Councils
Special Focus:
Continuing Care:

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They are located at the following address: 1820 False River Road in New Roads Louisiana 70760.
Looking for directions or wish to see the surrounding area? Follow this link: Maps and Directions.
They can be reached by phone at (225) 638-4431.
Quality of care, CMS Ratings, Services, Staffing, and Top-rated Facilities can be viewed below.

Review Icon Prices and Length of Stay

The average length of stay at Pointe Coupee Healthcare is approximately 31.4 days. (this may include both short and long-term care (LTC) visits).

According to our latest records from CMS, the average daily amount billed by Pointe Coupee Healthcare to Medicare is $689.10 per day (compared to a Louisiana average of $701.16) and Medicare reimbursed them an average of $349.45 per day (after any deductible and coinsurance). It is worth mentioning that Medicare pays for what they deem as 'medically necessary' skilled nursing care. You can learn more Here.

Please note that the pricing above is the average billed to Medicare. Each person and case is unique. (Supplemental Insurance / Medicare Advantage Plans, single or double rooms, etc). If you are interested in this facility you should contact Pointe Coupee Healthcare directly for exact pricing and what options are available for you or your loved one's personal care needs.

Inspection Magnifying Glass Icon Health and Demographics

The average age at Pointe Coupee Healthcare is approximately 81 years old.

The last time this data was collected they cared for at least 23 men and 34 women in a one year period that received Medicare benefits. This number fluctuates with each new resident.

Percentage of patients at Pointe Coupee Healthcare with the following conditions:

Atrial Fibrillation
RA or OA

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Activities and Services Icon Additional Care Home Services & Info

Medicare and Medicaid participation for Pointe Coupee Healthcare began on May 19, 2005.

Services Provided by Pointe Coupee Healthcare include:
Dietary, Housekeeping, Nursing, Occupational Therapy, Physician, Physician Extender, Physical Therapy, Speech Pathology, Therapeutic Activities, Therapeutic Qualified Activities

Ownership Changes: 0
Medicaid ID: 1510963
Financial Year End: 12-31
Medicare Administrative Contractor (MAC): BLUE CROSS (MISSISSIPPI)
CMS Regional Office: Dallas
Area: Urban
Dually Certified Beds: 120
Multi-Facility Name: Plantation Management Company, LLC

General Information Icon Staff Size

Pointe Coupee Healthcare provides (per day, per resident) an average of:

Registered Nurse
16.2 minutes
60 minutes
133.8 minutes

Total Licensed Nursing Hours (Registered Nurses + Licensed Practical Nurses + Licensed Vocational Nurses) averages 1.27 hours per day per resident (the national average is 1.4 hours).

Additionally, a Physical Therapist (PT) is available an average of 2.4 minutes per day per resident (the national average is 6 minutes).

Additional Staffing can be viewed below. Each number represents a Full-time Equivalent (FTE) Employee of the type listed above it at Pointe Coupee Healthcare. Read how FTE is defined.

Food Service
Medical Director
Nurse Admin
Nursing Director
Occ. Therapist
OT Assistant
Other Staff
Physical Therapist
Physician Ext.
PT Assistant
Qualified Activities
Speech Pathology
Ratings Icon Medicare and Medicaid Ratings

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) does their best to provide a fair assessment of every Nursing Home, but please note these ratings are a snapshot in time.

Star ratings are often best used for basic comparisons and when deciding which facilities to visit. However, nothing beats actually visiting the nursing home yourself when possible.

Overall Rating: 5 stars 5 star overall rating

Health Inspection Rating: 4 stars 4 star health inspection rating

Staff Rating: 2 stars 2 star nurse staffing rating

Quality Measures Rating: 5 stars 5 star quality measures rating

Registered Nurses Rating: 2 stars 2 star rn staff rating

Compare these ratings with one of the highest rated nursing homes in New Roads:
Lakeview Manor Nursing Home

Ratings are out of 5 with 5 being the best and 1 being the worst.

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Seniors in a Group Circle

Pointe Coupee Healthcare in NEW ROADS, Louisiana has 120 beds compared to the Louisiana average of 122.88 and a National average of 106.16.

As of the last update they had 115 residents compared to the LA average of 91.68 and a National average of 86.4.

This results in a 95.83% occupancy rate compared to the Louisiana average of 74.61% and a national average of 81.38%.

Pointe Coupee Healthcare's star ratings compare as follows:

  1. Overall Rating:
    5 stars compared to the LA average of 2.78 and a National average of 3.31.
  2. Health Inspection Rating:
    4 stars compared to the LA average of 2.79 and a National average of 2.78.
  3. Staffing Rating:
    2 stars compared to the LA average of 2.04 and a National average of 2.89.
  4. Quality Measures Rating:
    5 stars compared to the LA average of 3.33 and a National average of 3.95.
  5. RN Only Rating:
    2 stars compared to the LA average of 1.51 and a National average of 3.05.

Averaging the available ratings gives an aggregate star rating of 3.6 for Pointe Coupee Healthcare versus the LA average of 2.49 and a national average of 3.20.

You may also be interested in seeing how their inspections and penalties (fines and payment denials) match up with others at the following links:

Inspection Results Penalty Enforcements

Inspection Magnifying Glass Icon Visual / Graphical Comparisons for Pointe Coupee Healthcare
Number of Residents:
POINTE COUPEE HEALTHCARE 115 vs. LA 91.68 vs. National 88.66
Number of Beds:
POINTE COUPEE HEALTHCARE 120 vs. LA 122.88 vs. National 106.41
Aggregate Ratings Comparison:
POINTE COUPEE HEALTHCARE 3.6 vs. LA 2.49 vs. National 2.99
CMS Overall Rating:
POINTE COUPEE HEALTHCARE 5 vs. LA 2.78 vs. National 3.04
Question Mark Icon Ownership, Operational, and Management for Pointe Coupee Healthcare
Plantation Management Company, Llc5% Or Greater Direct Ownership Interest
Hospital Icon Hospitals near Pointe Coupee Healthcare
Pointe Coupee General Hospital
2202 False River Drive
New Roads, LA 70760
(225) 638-6331
Critical Access Hospitals
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