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Welcome to The Nursing Home Site's Resource section. In this ever-growing resource center we aim to bring you relevant and current links to senior care websites and resources. These include guides, state departments of health and other services, as well as top lists from our own site.


The following guides are in pdf format and require Adobe Acrobat to view. If you have trouble viewing them you may download Acrobat at the following link: Adobe Acrobat

Selecting a Nursing Home
A 72 page guide to selecting the right nursing home for you - provided by CMS

Nursing Home Checklist
A checklist with questions to ask when visiting a nursing home - provided by CMS

Top Lists, Glossary, and More

Nursing Home Top Lists
Our top ten lists for each state - includes lists for the top 10 nursing homes by resident population, staffing hours per day per residents, and aggregate star rating. Also includes the cities with the most nursing homes in each state.

Glossary of Terms
Our glossary provides definitions for a number of nursing home related terms that you are likely to encounter when deciding on a new home for your loved on or yourself.

CMS Nursing Home Compare
The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid's Nursing Home Comparison tool.

Department of Health Websites for each state
Alabama DPH - Alabama Department of Public Health
Alabama SHPDA - Alabama State Health Planning
Alabama Medicaid - Alabama Medicaid
Alaska DHSS - Alaska Department of Health and Social Services
Arizona DHS - Arizona Department of Health Services
Arizona Medicaid - Arizona AHCCS
Arkansas DOH - Arkansas Department of Health
California DHCS - California Department of Health Care Services
California DPH - California Department of Public Health
California DTS - California Department of Technology Services
California HHSA - California Health and Human Services Agency
Colorado DPHE - Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment
Connecticut BEST - Connecticut Bureau of Enterprise Systems and Technology
Connecticut DPH - Connecticut Department of Public Health
Connecticut - Connecticut State Web Site
Delaware DMMA - Delaware Division of Medicaid and Medical Assistance
Delaware DPH - Delaware Division of Public Health
Delaware HSS - Delaware Health and Social Services
District of Columbia - Washington DC Department of Health
Florida AHCA - Florida Agency for Health Care Administration
Florida CITS - Florida Communications and Information Technology Services
Florida DMS - Florida Department of Management Services
Florida DOH - Florida Department of Health
Florida HCSEF - Florida Health Council SE Florida
Florida - Florida State Web Site
Georgia DHR - Georgia Department of Human Resources
Georgia DPH - Georgia Department of Public Health
Hawaii DOH - Hawaii Department of Health
Idaho DHW - Idaho Department of Health and Welfare
Idaho ITRMC - Idaho Information Technology Resource Management Council
Idaho - Idaho State Web Site
Illinois DHS - Illinois Department of Human Services
Illinois PHI - Illinois Public Health Institute
Illinois DPH - Illinois Department of Public Health
Indiana DOH - Indiana Department of Health
Indiana - Indiana State Web Site
Iowa DPH - Iowa Department of Public Health
Iowa SDC - Iowa State Data Center
Kansas DHE - Kansas Department of Health and Environment
Kansas KHI - Kansas Health Policy Institute
Kansas - Kansas State Web Site
Kentucky CHFS - Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services
Kentucky DPH - Kentucky Department for Public Health
Kentucky - Kentucky State web Site
Louisiana DHH - Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals
Louisiana OPH - Louisiana Office of Public Health
Maine CDC - Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention
Maine DHHS - Maine Department of Health and Human Services
Maine OIT - Maine Office of Information Technology
Maine - Maine State Web Site
Maryland DHMH - Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene
Maryland DHR - Maryland Department of Human Resources
Maryland - Maryland State Web Site
Massachusetts DHCFP - Massachusetts Division of Health Care Finance and Policy
Massachusetts DPH - Massachusetts Department of Public Health
Massachusetts EOHHS - Massachusetts Executive Office of Health and Human Services
Massachusetts - Massachusetts State Web Site
Michigan MDHHS - Michigan Dept of Health and Human Services
Michigan - Michigan State Web Site
Minnesota DHS - Minnesota Department of Human Services
Minnesota DOH - Minnesota Department of Health
Minnesota - Minnesota State Web Site
Mississippi DHS - Mississippi Department of Human Services
Mississippi CR - Mississippi Cancer Registry
Mississippi DOH - Mississippi Department of Health
Mississippi DOM - Mississippi Division of Medicaid
Missouri DHSS - Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services
Missouri - Missouri State Web Site
Montana DPHHS - Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services
Montana ITSD - Montana Information Technology Services Division
Montana - Montana State Web Site
Nebraska Agencies - Nebraska State Agencies List
Nebraska DHHS - Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services
Nebraska DPH - Nebraska Division of Public Health
Nebraska - Nebraska State Web Site
Nevada DHHS - Nevada Department of Health and Human Services
Nevada DPBH - Nevada Division of Public and Behavioral Health
Nevada - Nevada State Web Site
New Hampshire DHHS - New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services
New Hampshire SOS - New Hampshire Secretary of State
New Hampshire - New Hampshire State Web Site
New Jersey DHSS - New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services
New Jersey - New Jersey State Web Site
New Mexico DIT - New Mexico Department of Information Technology
New Mexico DOH - New Mexico Department of Health
New Mexico - New Mexico State Web Site
New York City DHMH - New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene
New York City - New York City Web Site
New York State DOH - New York State Department of Health
New York State - New York State Web Site
New York State OITS - New York State Office of Information Technology Services
North Carolina DHHS - North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services
North Carolina DPH - North Carolina Division of Public Health
North Carolina - North Carolina State Web Site
North Dakota DOH - North Dakota Department of Health
North Dakota ITD - North Dakota Information Technology Department
North Dakota - North Dakota State Web Site
Ohio DOH - Ohio Department of Health
Ohio OIT - Ohio Office of Information Technology (DAS)
Ohio - Ohio State Web Site
Oklahoma DOH - Oklahoma Department of Health
Oklahoma DHS - Oklahoma Department of Human Services
Oklahoma - Oklahoma State Web Site
Oregon PHD - Oregon Public Health Division
Oregon DHS - Oregon Department of Human Services
Oregon - Oregon State Web Site
Pennsylvania DOH - Pennsylvania Department of Health
Pennsylvania - Pennsylvania State Web Site
Puerto Rico DOH - Puerto Rico Department of Health
Rhode Island DOH - Rhode Island Department of Health
Rhode Island - Rhode Island State Web Site
South Carolina DHEC - South Carolina Dept of Health and Environmental Control
South Dakota DOH - South Dakota Department of Health
Tennessee DOH - Tennessee Department of Health
Tennessee - Tennessee State Web Site
Texas DSHS - Texas Department of State Health Services
Texas HHSC - Texas Health and Human Services Commission
Utah DOH - Utah Department of Health
Vermont DOH - Vermont Department of Health
Vermont - Vermont State Web Site
Virginia DOH - Virginia Department of Health
Washington DOH - Washington State Department of Health
West Virginia DHHR - West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources
West Virginia BPH - West Virginia Bureau for Public Health
Wisconsin DHFS - Wisconsin Department of Health Services
Wisconsin - Wisconsin State Web Site
Wyoming DOH - Wyoming Department of Health