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Fort Vancouver Convalescent Center

Inspection Results

Inspection Summary
Fort Vancouver Convalescent Center has been cited for 26 deficiencies in our most recent deficiency data (Tip: Surveys happen throughout the year and you may want to check with the location to see if there is more recent data available). There are 221 nursing homes in Washington with a total of 7679 deficiencies resulting in an average of 34.75 deficiencies per nursing home.

Date of Survey Date of Correction Deficiency
2014-08-26 2014-09-26 Ensure that residents are fully informed and understand their health status, care and treatments.
2014-08-26 2014-09-26 Allow residents to easily view the results of the nursing home's most recent inspection.
2014-08-26 2014-09-26 Ensure residents have the right to have a choice over activities, their schedules, and health care according to their interests, assessments, and plans of care.
2014-08-26 2014-09-26 Develop a complete care plan that meets all the resident's needs, with timetables and actions that can be measured.
2014-08-26 2014-09-26 Ensure that each resident's 1) entire drug/medication regimen is free from unnecessary drugs; and 2) is managed and monitored to achieve highest level of well-being.
2014-08-26 2014-09-26 Store, cook, and serve food in a safe and clean way.
2013-10-16 2013-12-06 Properly care for residents needing special services, including: injections, colostomy, ureostomy, ileostomy, tracheostomy care, tracheal suctioning, respiratory care, foot care, and prostheses.
2013-07-25 2013-08-22 Provide care for residents in a way that maintains or improves their dignity and respect in full recognition of their individuality.
2013-07-25 2013-08-22 Store, cook, and serve food in a safe and clean way.
2013-07-25 2013-08-22 Maintain drug records and properly mark/label drugs and other similar products according to accepted professional standards.
2013-07-25 2013-08-22 Keep all essential equipment working safely.
2012-12-13 2012-12-14 1) Hire only people with no legal history of abusing, neglecting or mistreating residents; or 2) report and investigate any acts or reports of abuse, neglect or mistreatment of residents.
2012-09-11 2012-10-04 Allow residents the right to participate in the planning or revision of care and treatment.
2012-09-11 2012-10-04 Have a program that investigates, controls and keeps infection from spreading.
2014-08-29 2014-09-23 Exit doors that are held open by devices that will automatically close on the activation of a fire alarm or smoke detector.
2014-08-29 2014-09-23 An approved installation, maintenance and testing program for fire alarm systems.
2014-08-29 2014-09-23 Automatic sprinkler systems that have been maintained in working order.
2014-08-29 2014-09-23 Properly constructed piped-in oxygen systems.
2013-07-25 2013-08-06 Approved construction type or materials.
2013-07-25 2013-08-06 Record of quarterly fire drills for each shift under varying conditions.
2013-07-25 2013-08-06 Proper medical gas storage and administration areas.
2013-07-25 2013-08-06 Properly installed hallway dispensers for alcohol-based hand rub.
2012-09-10 2012-09-11 Approved construction type or materials.
2012-09-10 2012-10-15 Automatic sprinkler systems that have been maintained in working order.
2012-09-10 2012-09-14 Weekly inspections and monthly testing of generators.
2012-09-10 2012-09-11 Properly installed hallway dispensers for alcohol-based hand rub.

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