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Heritage Rehab & Living Ctr

Inspection Results

Inspection Summary
Heritage Rehab & Living Ctr has been cited for 6 deficiencies in our most recent deficiency data (Tip: Surveys happen throughout the year and you may want to check with the location to see if there is more recent data available). There are 103 nursing homes in Maine with a total of 1700 deficiencies resulting in an average of 16.50 deficiencies per nursing home.

Date of Survey Date of Correction Deficiency
2012-03-09 2012-04-02 Conduct initial and periodic assessments of each resident's functional capacity.
2012-03-09 2012-04-02 Ensure each resident receives an accurate assessment by a qualified health professional.
2012-03-09 2012-04-02 Allow residents the right to participate in the planning or revision of care and treatment.
2012-03-09 2012-04-02 Give each resident enough fluids to keep them healthy and prevent dehydration.
2014-03-04 Corridor and hallway doors that block smoke.
2014-03-04 Smoke barrier doors that can resist smoke for at least 20 minutes.

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