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Care Home Health Agency in Ypsilanti MI

Home Health Agencies Michigan YPSILANTI

Care Home Health Agency provides home care for residents in Ypsilanti, Michigan. Services they offer include: Nursing care, Home Health Aide. They received their Medicare certification on Jan 15, 2009.
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CMS HHA Compare Rating
Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has rated CARE HOME HEALTH AGENCY as a 2 out of 5 for quality of patient care. For reference, the average national rating is a 3.27

Ownership & Certification
Date of Medicare Certification: Jan 15, 2009
Type of Ownership: Proprietary

Contact and Address

Care Home Health Agency

Phone Number: (734) 481-8888

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Inspection Magnifying Glass Icon Patient Health Outcomes

The following list displays the health outcomes for patients of CARE HOME HEALTH AGENCY
To make how this works simple we provide the following example: 'Care Began in a Timely Manner: 89%' would mean that for 89% of patients their care began in what was deemed an appropriate amount of time.

Preventing Harm

Care Began in a Timely Manner: 75.5%

Patients were taught about their prescription drugs 95.8%

Patients got better at taking their prescriptions: 67.5%

Patient was checked for their risk of falling: 100%

Patients were checked for depression: 99.5%

Home health team made sure their patient was up-to-date on their flu shot: %

Home health team made sure their patient was up-to-date on their pneumonia shot: 89.8%

For patients with diabetes - how often foot care was taught: 82.9%

Daily Activities

Got better at walking or moving: 63.2%

Improved getting in and out of bed: 60.4%

Got better at bathing: 68%

Managing Pain and Symptoms

Patients reported less pain when moving around: 26.4%

Patients reported improved breathing: 68.6%

Patients' wounds improved after operation: %

Preventing Unplanned Hospital Care

How often patients were admitted to the hospital: 24.9%

How often patients received unplanned urgent or ER care: 14%

How often patients who had a recent hospital stay were readmitted: Not Available

How often patients received ER care without being readmitted: Not Available

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